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Toby Wessel (843) 696-8518
Residential Construction Superintendent

New Beginnings Construction was contracted by proud home owners of a downtown residence to bring about an exterior remodeling project of their home in the Hampton Park area of downtown Charleston. We worked closely between the designer and the homeowner to bring the blue prints to life and renovate and build out the vision that was designed for this charming home.

We started by demolishing the front porch and the entire back porch, including a utility room. We then built footers and poured the concrete foundation for the front and back porch renovation. Once the concrete footings were in place, the block walls for the porches were constructed, and brick installed to match the existing brick of the house. We built forms for the steps, and poured the concrete steps and porches with just a hint of color added to the concrete..just enough to soften the grey in the concrete.

We framed the new front porch according to the blue prints, tying the framing for the new roof line into the existing roof. The home owners were looking to have an open rafter style with a decorative web design on the gable end of the roof. We carefully selected the lumber and materials used to frame the roof and the open gable, since all the lumber would be painted and left exposed.

The Back of the property presented unique challenges that the front of the house did not. We had to install new rafters on top the existing roof decking to build the plain of the new roof higher. We also installed additional courses of brick to extend the brick facade on the laundry room to meet the newly framed roof line. Like the front porch, we wanted to keep the framing open, and have a similar 4x4 web design for the open gable end.

With the framing complete, we were able to remove the old shingles from the roof, prep the roof, and install new architectural shingles. In addition to the roof, we also removed all the metal fascia and soffit from the eaves, and installed new vented soffit, with new metal trim for the fascia board. With the front and back of the property undergoing their own renovations, Once the new roof and trim were installed, it really tied it all together nicely and started to take shape.

Next was the columns, handrails and installing trim around the wooden beams. The Designs called for a brick column bottom with a craftsman style wooden column on the top to conceal the load bearing 4x4's. The plans also called for the horizontal structural beams to be wrapped with 1 x Trim boards. For the front porch, we utilized T1-11 siding above the existing brick to close in the newly framed wall partition.

The Homeowners also envisioned a new entry door for the front of the house. The existing door and trim, didn't fit the new transformed look of the house. They located a beautiful 42" door that needed to be installed with a custom door jamb and frame built to fit the new door. Once the door unit was constructed and installed, it was apparent that this was EXACTLY the front door that the house needed.

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